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Entry #1: Joe Shlabotnik

Genre: Emo (don't judge until you listen por favor)

Liam Fletcher - Guitar/Backup Vocals
Pierce Jordan - Drums
Bobby Morrison - Vocals

These guys made music that I describe as "the soundtrack to your past adolescence." It is flawlessly created nostalgia music which can make you feel anything from a regretful unrest to a content reminiscence.

Their songs are short collections of uniquely crafted melodies strewn together seamlessly in a kind of bizarre cohesion. Liam's playing style reaches a level of originality and creativity that most guitarists his age could only hope to achieve. He and Bobby make their vocal limits known fully without it hindering the music at all. The cracks in their voices in fact achieve a level of expression that well executed singing would not have the potential to in this type of music. At the same time, despite Pierce's drumming never really reaching the forefront of the overall presentation, he provides the perfect compliment to the melodies and passages that are present.

It's also pretty easy to get lost in the lyrics and wondering what they are about and that's only part of the reason why they are fan-fucking-tastic! It's like if you were reading the tattered journal of that artisitic wannabe guy in the back of class if he was actually upbeat and his poetry was actually good. This is again why this is the perfect music to listen to while remembering the past and musing about good times long gone.

Unfortunately they're all off busy with other projects now but they left an undeniable impact on the CC Scene and we most likely wouldn't be alive without them. Also on a side note, if you played a show with them, just forget it there's no way to follow them. Simply level of sheer emotional energy and connection with the crowd in a small basement or garage atmosphere couldn't be matched.

Here's some of their stuff and profiles:

For their music start with We're in Your Hands Lady Q and then work your way through the rest. They'll have a full length out soon that I'll also post.

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