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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
I want to start off saying I hate the fucking Sound Academy. Shows keep getting booked there since it's really the only venue of its size in Toronto, and it's lame as hell. In the middle of no where, the venue is so goddamn narrow that even tonight when it's not sold out you're either squished in the middle of the venue or at the back without being able to see the stage well. Luckily the had a barricade set up near the bar so I was able to just camp out there. Oh, and getting a cab tonight was a pain in the ass as well.

Anyway, I saw the whole show. I'm not a huge fan of Darkest Hour, and they didn't play the one song of their's I kind of enjoy (Demons), but they did aight. Suicide Silence had tons of energy and the crowd was going fucking apeshit for them, but I just can't get into their music. Even the 2 songs they played that I like (Wake up and You only live once) sounded bad.

Machine Head was great. This was only my 2nd time seeing them (First was Mayhem festival in 2008), so none of the songs seemed tired to me. I disagree about Old and Locust being low points, though i'll agree on the Blood, the Sweat, the Tears. Although luckily i'm not a big fan of Davidian (Most overrated song in MH's catalogue), so I got to squeeze out one last deuce and grab my coat before the rush of the crowd.
I always thought that the Kool Haus/Guvernment was around the same size. I hate the Sound Academy too but I hate large venues as a whole. I was able to get there late but found a decent enough spot by the soundboard against that big black wall where my line of site was perfect. The stage could be higher. If you ask me nothing beats the Opera House!

I wouldn't be surprised after one or two more albums in their current style if they completely abandon their old songs, save for Davidian as the closer. It's like two different bands.
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