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Machine Head -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 28th, 2012

Machine Head
Support: Suicide Silence, Darkest Hour
Venue: the Sound Academy in Toronto, Ontario

I got to the show pretty late. I like Darkest Hour enough but wasn't too interested in seeing them and I've heard so much negative press on Suicide Silence that I really didn't want to bother. I've heard a few songs and they did nothing for me. I got to the venue about fifteen minutes before Machine Head took the stage. I'm not a good judge of numbers just looking at a crowd but the place wasn't sold out. I think the cap for the Sound Academy is 3K, I'd say there was 2000-2500. But a big step up for Machine Head regardless, the last time they headlined Toronto was on the first round of touring for the Blackening and they filled a much, much smaller venue (the Opera House, around 800 cap).

They went on around 9:15 and played for around 1:45. Same set as other shows posted from this tour:

1. I Am Hell (Sonata in C#)
2. Be Still and Know
3. Imperium
4. Beautiful Mourning
5. The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears
6. Locust
7. This Is the End
8. Aesthetics of Hate
9. Old
10. Darkness Within
11. (Declaration)/Bulldozer
12. Ten Ton Hammer
13. Who We Are
14. Halo
15. Davidian

I was surprised that Imperium was the song that worked best for me tonight, I'm not the biggest fan of that album but tonight that song had me pumped. The new stuff all sounded great, especially Darkness Within while the older stuff just seemed out of place. Ten Ton Hammer was the song that first got me into Machine Head but it seemed REALLY out of place. Low points were The Blood, the Sweat, the Tears, Old, Bulldozer and (surprisingly) Locust. I've heard Locust so much since it first got released that I think it's just dead to me. Halo is another song that I'm a little tired of but it's still awesome. Overall the band sounded great except during Robbs vocals in the I Am Hell section of I Am Hell (Sonata in C#). They had some Glen Benton pitch-shifted effect going on that would've been cool if it wasn't way too loud in the mix and drowned everything else out. He was getting a little preachy during the intro to Locust but they had a delay effect that was a little loud in the mix too, so I have no fucking clue what he was talking about. I LOVED that they finished off the set with five minutes of ear-piercing feedback. I don't see too many bands in larger venues do that. Made me feel like I was in a smaller, better venue.

I'd see them again, not on the next leg of touring but maybe in a few years after another album.
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