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Yeah I know this is taking forever, but I'm going to try and quicken the pace to get this finished. At least I'm not as bad as someone we know and love haha

52. Mastodon - The Hunter

Loved the prog epic, Crack The Skye, but I was glad when I heard that this album was a bit more stripped down and ballsier. Unfortunately it just doesn't hold up in comparison to Remission and Leviathan. Musicianship is still great but the vocals are still borderline bad and the more pop oriented songs are just not my thing.

51. Argus - Boldly Stride The Doomed

All the ingredients for a fantastic heavy metal/doom album are here. Great lead vocals courtesy of Butch Balich (ex Penance), galloping riffs, soulful lead guitar work, but for some reason these guys never quite click with me like I think they should. Still some high quality vintage heavy metal.

50. August Burns Red - Leveler

Metalcore is not my genre of choice anymore, but these guys are probably my favorite. Jake's vocals are still spot on and varied enough to avoid becoming boring. You can definitely feel the emotion and conviction with the lyrics. The breakdowns and melodic riffs are still aplenty, but the band is still progressing with occasional clean vocals and clean guitar sections.
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