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Scale the Summit -- Houston, TX -- January 27th, 2012

so this is the first headlining tour Scale the Summit has done and I feel privileged to be a part of their first official show on this tour!

I think that there was a mention that there was going to be another band (the elitist?) that was supposed to be there, and people were looking for to seeing them; however, there was not a band by that name on this tour (at the very least not yet).
There were 3 opening bands and for the life of me I cannot remember what they were called! one was indie, another thrash influenced (my fave of course) and the other what seemed to me like a clone of fallout boy.


Scale the Summit was truly amazing and I wonder how they can keep up that intensity for 80 minutes, but they did it wonderfully. If you can go to this tour, please do, support this band because they deserve it.

setlist is as follows (recognized most of the songs and took a pic of their setlist so it's 100% correct)

Redwoods (new bonus track from The Collective)
Rode in on Horseback
Black Hills
Crossing the Ocean
Sargasso Sea
Penguins in Flight
The Great Plains
Secret Earth
Origin of Species



My head is still spinning from the awesomeness I witnessed. I also bought a Remo drumhead with all of the members' signatures (made sense to get this since I'm a drummer). The merch is essentially the same from the stuff they have online. I was rather bummed that the tour shirt did not have any tour dates on the back of them, thus this was the main reason why I didn't get a shirt tonight.

Once again, make sure to attend this tour and support a dedicated band such as this one \m/
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