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Lamb Of God -- Toronto, Ontario -- January 27th, 2012

First concert of the year!!!! No better way to start out than with LAMB OF GOD!!!

First band was local band, Manahan. I actually enjoyed them, I thought they were pretty cool.

Second band was The Acacia Strain. I'm not a fan of them and wasn't watching them. When I came inside they were still playing and just sounded really bad. Not impressed.

Finally, LAMB OF GOD!!! They were just amazing. 4th time seeing them and definitely the best time I've seen them. They played like the show of their lives. I just had so much fun. And the pits were fucking brutal. Here's the setlist

Ghost Walking
Walk With Me In Hell
Set To Fail
Now You've Got Something To Die For
The Undertow
Blacken The Cursed Sun
The Number Six
Laid To Rest
The Passing
In Your Words
Black Label
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