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Originally Posted by mattlion View Post
There should be no Risk songs or World Needs a Hero songs, and the KIMB songs just aren't that great either IMHO.

I'm not a fan of Dawn Patrol but I can understand why they're playing it again.
I like Prince of Darkness and Motopsycho from those albums, wouldn't mind seeing those 2. But the rest of those albums are doo-doo IMO.

Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
What ever happen to the Peace Sells 25th anniversary tour???

No longer gonna happen eh?
That's right, I forgot about that. HMM, looks like it was take Dave's lazy ass too much time to relearn a few songs. out before "fuck you man, dave just had surgereee".

Originally Posted by Blacktooth85 View Post
Jesus Christ Dave change the fuckin' setlist already. New year, new tour... change it!! Quit opening with Trust too... That's kind of a short set too
This x350

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)
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