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Well I figured I'd put in my 2 cents on the evening. I did get confirmation that Manky does actually exist & not a figment of our imaginations. This was my first time getting to see Death Angel. They definitely didn't disapoint. I need to see them do a headline set, I wasn't familiar w/ that many songs but I still enjoyed them all. I did however want to elbow the guy behind me who yelled I'm bored while DA singer talked in-between songs. Thanks to my mad crazy white guy jumping skills I got the DA setlist wrapped up in a much needed bottle of water.

Almost a year & a half is too long to have to wait and see Testament. In a sense they flat out killed it as they usually do. Singer from Death Angel was crowd surfing during The Preacher. Chuck Billy might be one of my favorite frontmen. I was loving Chuck Billys mic stand lit up on the end as well. I cannot wait for the new album and tour that would follow. Got pic from Eric Peterson as well.

And now for Anthrax. Had no idea about Scott not being there. It was odd. I saw their tech even tuning up what I know was one of Scott's guitars. Boy was the crowd quiet when Scott didn't come out. Was looking forward to Earth Is On Hell and with a dead crowd & crappy sound it was disappointing but the sound did improve. It was very cool DA & Testament decided to help out Anthrax. Best part of the evening was Chuck Billy yelling War Dance during Indians. I was worried w/ no Scott it would effect set. It did a little. They didnt do another song after Medusa like they had been (although they were just playing as 4 piece by then) & no partial I'm The Man & Refuse/Resist. Last one might be small difference but still I'd always like more instead of less. No use bitching about the set as that's been done to death on here. Still a good set. Was a little odd hearing them as a 4 piece.

Overall good show. Crowd was still tolerable as far as KC crowds go, which is still majority dumbasses but better than usual. 2012 concert season is officially started.
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