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Originally Posted by mankvill View Post
Man, Anthrax stopped Indians and re-did the Wardance part! There were super annoying, so-drunk-they-cant-stand-anymore old guys in the pit, too. Like, it was better than the crowd at the Motorhead shows that 98.9 sponsored, but eh.
Tell me about it, but I thought the crowd participated well as far as singing goes. Also it's kind of hard to have a huge mosh pit in a small area that has a guard rail right behind it.

Judging from those pics 300, we were really close to each other, at least for DA & Testament.

Also I want to know what is wrong with the merch supply, how is Testament out of S, XL, and XXL shirts on the fourth show of a tour? Not to mention Anthrax didn't have the shirt with the Worship Hands & tour dates on the back. I didn't have enough money either, so I hope Death Angel has left over tour merch and throws it online later on.

Also your set is missing Medusa

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