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Originally Posted by AnthG View Post
$40 for a shirt and $75 for a hoodie is outrageous but also expected...but $30 for a fucking poster? I remember a buddy of mine paid $12 for a poster at Iron Maiden on the Matter of life and death tour, and I thought THAT was ridiculous.
In Toronto it was worse (as expected). Not one t-shirt was under $45 and the hoodie was $80. The poster was $30 I think. I believe it now when you hear stories of Maynard telling the crowd things like "Thanks for your $90"; He probably takes us all for Tools (pun intended).
The t-shirts weren't even that nice either at the price they were selling them. Most just had the small Tool logo with no extra design whatsoever. The poster was cool but way too expensive. One t-shirt simply had the rectangular poster design printed right on it. Talk about cheap, lazy t-shirt making. And for some reason they had another poster for some outdoor event that Torontonians wouldn't care about, and not only that, the event took place on January 21st.
Some major Tool fan who "understands" the band can care to explain all this to me but I'm not going to be a tool and pay that much for crappy merchandise.

Oh yeah, and the concert was good.
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