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I was there, it was a bit surreal to see a band that popular in a place that small. Word is they'll be back around with a bigger tour, playing the usual bigger places, sometime late summer (maybe).

I'm not an Acacia Strain fan, but the dude on here who commented that they played the same song 7 times.... you were at a Lamb of God show. LoG, to a lot of people, probably played the same song 15 times. If you're going to rip on Acacia, do it because they're not that good, don't do it for the lack of variety. Amon Amarth is awesome and they have 2 songs (the slow one and the fast one).

I happened to run into Buz from Unearth after the show, had a nice chat, he said they had virtually no tour plans domestically lined up anytime soon.

I also chatted with the Acacia Strain singer/growler dude after the show. Wicked cool guy, he said that they were being considered for the 2nd Mayhem Side stage, then Mayhem decided to can the whole stage, so they're probably going to spend part of the summer writing their next record.
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