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Excellent review as usual, MPF. I was at the show as well. Some observations:

*The Ancient Wisdom frontman seemed like sort of a douche.

*Blood Ceremony was great. Been a long time since I was impressed by an opener like I was by Blood Ceremony last night.

*Ghost's sound is a much bigger kick to the nuts live than it is on CD. Don't get me wrong, they sound great on CD, but they take it to another level live. Amazing.

*However, if you think they'll be headlining arenas or stadiums any time soon, I have some land in Florida I'd like to sell you

*I've been going to shows in Minnesota for about 20 years. Minnesota metal fans have gotten really damn quiet at shows the last five years or so. The silence between songs makes it sound like you're at church instead of a metal show sometimes. I don't know if the new generation of fan is just lame, or if the older generation just got old and doesn't feel like making noise any more.

*God Station 4 is a dump. With all the shows they have, you'd think they're making at least a little bit of money and could afford to fix the place up a little bit. When I become rich and famous, I'm buying that dive, knocking out the wall that separates the bar from the stage area, and putting in a nice balcony. I'll also patch the holes in the ceiling and figure out some way to get rid of the goddamn support beams in the middle of the stage.

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