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Lamb of God -- Boston, MA -- January 25th, 2012

The Acacia Strain:
The Hills Have Eyes
Whoa! Shut It Down
Bay of Pigs

Lamb of God:
Ghost Walking
Walk With Me in Hell
Set to Fail
Now You've Got Something to Die For
The Undertow
The Number Six
Laid To Rest

In Your Words
Black Label

Incredible show. Seeing Lamb of God in such an intimate setting was a surreal experience. I honestly forgot how good they where live, but after last night, I will never forget again. The new stuff kicks ass live (especially Ghost Walking) and I hope to see them add more of it in the future. Everything was perfect except for getting one of my earplugs knocked out of ear during Ghost Walking and losing it for good (I just bought them last week). Beyond memorable performance from Lamb of God and I hope they roll through Massachusetts again later this year.

The Acacia Strain, despite being out of place, was really good yet again. Vincent Bennett was truly honored to be there and seemed geniuely surprised at the reception they got (I don't know why though, they are from here). The first band, Too Late The Hero, was pretty lame (they were also terribly out of place), but I respect their enthusisam and they had decent stage presence.

Too Late the Hero 3/10
The Acacia Strain 8.5/10
Lamb of God 10/10
11/28 ABR/ETID
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