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Ghost -- St. Paul, MN -- January 25th, 2012

The greatest show I have ever been to that had had absolutely no double bass.

I got in line about 10 minutes before the doors opened and I felt like an instant celebrity. Since my last show at Station 4 seeing Protest The Hero, Scale The Summit and Last Chance To Reason on November 30th, people remember me now, they know my name and they wanted to talk to me (I think thank my show and KFAI for all of that) This was the first show that I felt almost like a local celebrity. It's a fucking cool feeling. Before you say it trust me, my own body won't let me have an ego, so I won't be turning into an egotistical asshole quite yet.

The first band up tonight (I got in the front the whole show (Giggity), was Ancient Vvisdom. They are one of the coolest bands I've seen live. The singer/Drummer impressed the hell out of me. He had a set up of snare, floor tom and 2 cymbals...that's it. They are what would happen if Alice In Chains made Jar Of Flies over and over, much darker and more satanic. It was fucking awesome live. It's very strange at first, in face in one of the pics you'll see he has chains in his hand instead of a drumstick bashing the fuck out of his cymbals. It was quite an experience. I'll be playing them on my show Tuesday.

Next up was Blood Ceremony (More on these guys after I'm done with Ghost). Again my mind was blown. Lead Singer/Organist/Flutist /Overall very damn sexy, Alia O'Brien.....I'm simply amazed at her talent. switching from vocals to Flute to Keyboard organ in seconds. And she is damn good all of them, as of course the rest of the band. They are a definitive 70's Ghost style Evil Satanic Classic Rock style sounding band, and I love every second of it. Straight out of the 70s Rock era. One guy in tyhe crowd said that they were a Satanic Jefferson Starship....I think they are an evil Jethro Tull with female vocals. Again I'll get back to them, but they are absolutely killer.

Then finally..............GHOST!!!

Ghost was everything I wanted and more. Yeah people bitch about 9 songs, but honestly, once you are there, you won't give a fuck at all, they make up for only having 1 album and no EPs. They are about 20x heavier live then on record, which has that 70's Rock vibe to it. Live, it's fucking brutal in every good way possible. As I've been telling people, Ghost is if King Diamond joined Blue Oyster Cult. They are even more spot on then on record. Although before they got on stage they did go fucking overboard on the fog machine, but it did make for some good atmosphere (I wish my face wasn't in front of the fog machine, haha) Honestly for only 9 songs and under an hour (I think it was about a 45-50 minute set altogether including 2 short banters). No one wanted them to leave after the last song, but again, they don't have any other material yet. These guys have been blowing up everywhere. If they aren't doing Stadium/arena tours...or at least theater tours by the end of 2013, the world is fucked!

After the show I was dillusional to think I could get some station IDs from ghost before I realized....wait, how the fuck will I know who is in Ghost? SO I gave up on that almost immediately. But yes the Mastodon/Opeth/Ghost Tour is happening in April, that's all I know....sadly....that's all I know.

So after that I saw 3 of the members of Blood Ceremony and I instantly had to talk to them. I first talked to Alina, again, she is just smokin' hot! I got to talk to her about 5-10 minutes about music in general and future plans (Possible headlining tour at the end of the year also recording a new album at the end of the year). She graciously did a station ID for me and everyone in the band was very interested in the radio show (I hope they'll be able to tune in.) I was then able to get one from Lukas (Their bassist) as well and again for 10 minutes or so just talked music, the radio show, Lukas's radio show and all the upcoming stuff I eluded to before. They are all really damn cool, and I'll be playing them on Tuesday (I had the perfect playlist for Tuesday but I'm making a brand new one for Blood Ceremony, Ancient Vvisdom and Kyng, and 7 other songs).

So now the part that most of you will care about, the pics and set you go folks! (Sorry for a few of the pics being blurry, its the best I could do)

(Shirts were 25 bucks, 3 different shirts. I want with the most Kvlt!)
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