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Originally Posted by Wizard in Black 666 View Post
I ended up getting to the house of blues around 9. Turns out the show was sold out. Then me and my friends spent the majority of our time there searching for random fools in hoodies that might be selling tickets. Hey it's happen to me before, mostly rap shows though ahahha. Anyways, we found no luck and by 9:40ish we bailed out of the House of blues and just went to one of our friends band practice and just kicked it over there. Glad those who went had a great time. I for one am very bummed i missed out on this show. Anthrax doin a SOLO show always sounds like smashing good times. And them headlining must have been special considering that they never really go on their own tours anymore. Should have bought a ticket a head of times, didn't think it was going to sell out. Shows what i know, More power to all those that had a great time in Anahiem. Wish i was there
Your main problem was you waited until 9 when the show was going on to try and get tickets. If you had got there earlier before the doors opened you probably would've had better luck when it comes to getting tickets from scalpers or people in line who had extra tickets to unload.
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