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Originally Posted by Magson13 View Post
This tour is copming here.... The day after my 21st birthday, even. But I cannot willingly put myself through a suicide silence set. It just isn't worth it.
I feel you. I saw this show tonight in Columbus. All I have to say is thank geebus for outside smoking areas. Suicide Silence is so fucking bad. MH killed it though.

I used to be like Magson, and want to always be up front. But you know, I'm getting a little old for that. I'm at the age where I hurt for three days if I get bounced around too much, so I just show up late, unless there's an opener I want to see, and chill in the back or middle, basically as close as I can get without getting thrashed. The 18 year old me would call me a pussy for standing in the back and always wearing earplugs and such, but, fuck you 18 year old me, I like not being in pain after the show and not having a headache with my ears ringing, especially when I almost always have at least a 2 hour drive home no matter where I go to see a show. Sucks driving home feeling like shit.

I'm 34 by the way.

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