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In Flames -- Minneapolis, MN -- January 24th, 2012

*If you are looking for any new songs from any of the might as well skip this thread, this is more of a review, the setlists are all the same, but I'll post them regardless for people who haven't checked the other lists*

It's very odd for me to go to a Metal show in Minnesota that is not Station 4. First Avenue is much more legendary (prince shot the movie, Purple Rain, here). It is a great venue with plenty of chairs which I'm happy about for shows like this.

Due to this show being dead center of the Twin Cites, I got caught in rush hour traffic, but I still got into the show relatively good timing.

The first band up, Kyng, shocked the hell out of me. They are a Stonerish style Thrash and Alternative Metal band (yeah, you read that right). I only got to hear 3 of their songs, but I was fully impressed. I'll get back to them later.

Next up was Veil Of Maya, and I just gotta say, they are talented, but i wasn't impressed. It sounded like a Djenty Deathcore band. Yes they have talent but do to their sound, it all sounded like one long song. Maybe if I see them in a different setting I'd feel different, but until then, just not for me

Then came Trivium. I gotta admit I was going into this show thinking I was going to be disappointed....and I wasn't. I only recognized three song, but the rest are actually really damn good in a live setting. I'm glad I heard these guys FINALLY. I've been an on again-off again Trivium fan since Ascendancy was released and I'm happy I did, again back to them later:

Capsizing The Sea
In Waves
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr
Forsake Not the Dream
Built to Fall
Like Light to the Flies
Caustic Are the Ties That Bind
Down From the Sky
Throes of Perdition

Then the band I've been waiting since Soundtrack To Your Escape to see. IN FLAMES. Again I thought I was going to be disappointed because the setlist is predominantly from the last 2 albums, but I honestly didn't care once I was there. Anders is a hell of a frontman. I read in the other reviews he was sick and drunk. Tonight, he was just a fucking goofball and I love it. Half way through the set, he called out a kid for videotaping the whole set, by telling him he can't film anymore unless he films from the middle of the pit Also another kid was trying to say how we are all going to die in 2012, so again Anders told him to go to the middle of the pit and stay there, and if he didn't he was a fucking pussy *Which was then followed by a 'PUSSY PUSSY PUSSY' chance by the crowd* And my favorite moment, when they went into The Hive, he announced it as Nickelback's Never Again But In Flames are fucking awesome live regardless of the set:

Sounds of a Playground Fading
Deliver Us
All for Me
The Hive
The Quiet Place
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Fear Is the Weakness
Come Clarity
Delight and Angers
Cloud Connected
The Mirror's Truth
Take This Life

After the show, I wanted to hang out with the bands. Usually at all ages shows, you get kicked out immediately so I thought I was fucked. Luckily I wasn't. I talked to the drummer of Kyng for a good 5 minutes and got him to do a Station ID, I will be playing them on my show next week as a major thank you. They kick ass.

Then I got to hang out with Nick and Paolo of Trivium. Nick absolutely loved the name of my radio show, because he has been called that and variations of it since he replaced Travis Smith. Paolo let me know that they are booked solid for the rest of the year and will most likely be back very soon (End of the summer/fall)

After that I went outside to wait by the buses for In Flames...big mistake.....

I forgot that Minneapolis is a bad place to be at night, and I had several black guys trying to hit me up for change and help them score drugs, and other shit. Rather then waiting to see In Flames by the buses (Which I heard they later did). I high tailed it out of there so I didn't get killed. This is why I love St. Paul so much, at least around Station 4, it's still kind of sketchy, but I know everyone there and I know that I won't get fucked with.

As I was leaving I could hear an elderly black man scream at this guy about my age "I CAN GET YOU BACK INSIDE THE CLUB, MOTHERFUCKER!" So yeah, I left.

Overall, I couldn't have had a better night without meeting In Flames. One of the best Free shows I've been too.

Now tomorrow....I get to see the almighty GHOST!!!
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