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Originally Posted by The Ghost at Number One View Post
Why should we? While it may seem unlikely, I've learned never to say never.
True, but this is Anthrax we're talking about here. They said "never" a long time ago when it comes to playing a variety of old stuff. For as great of a show as they put on, they really don't give a shit what the fans wanna hear and I honestly believe that with every fiber of my being.

If they did care they would have AIR in the set all the time. They would also give into the overwhelming fan demand and play something else off of POT instead of Got The Time but they don't. That's why the core classics they play hasn't changed much over the last few years. They're just looking for a cash in with the Joey reunion and really don't care what the fans wanna hear.

I hate to say this about one of my favorite bands ever but i've seen nothing that leads me to believe otherwise.
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