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Last summer I saw Electric Wizard at the Roskilde festival. I only had a ticket for Thursday, and my plan was to sneak into the festival for Friday and see Electric Wizard and Eyehategod. I wanted to just hide inside the festival grounds but I underestimated how fucking cold it got at night. So I ended up talking to a few girls, and they let me sleep in their tent (hooked up with one of them) and promised to help me sneak back in in the morning (Roskilde is strict on people sneaking in even though many do). EW set started at Noon, and I was not going to fucking miss them. It was becoming a little tougher to sneak in then I had imagined, and luckily at about 11:45, I got myself in. I guess I took for granted just how fucking awesome that day was. Sneaking in just in time for The Wizard and burning a couple down and then seeing Eyehategod on the rail all in one afternoon. Id kill to get back to that day.

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