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The Faceless - Planetary Duality

Genre: Technical Death Metal

One of the first death metal albums I ever heard. I used to be the biggest fanboy for this band like 3 years ago. It was also sick seeing this album being played in it's entirety 3 years ago as well! Since then I've discovered a ton of other death metal bands (as you can see) and I kinda distanced my way apart from this album... but listening to it again is very nostalgic. Michael Keene shreds on this album, his solos are very clean and the riffs are heavy. The drums are also intense on here, Lyle Cooper (I think that's his name?) is a VERY talented drummer, especially for tech death. I personally think it's a step up from Akeldama, both as an album and genre change. Even though this album is just short of half an hour, it's still worth a listen for some crazy paranormal-ridden madness.

Prison Born
Legion of the Serpent
Full length album now available!
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