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My review:

Was playing League of Legends with my friends before the show, and ended just in time for me to catch the train down to the HoB and get there about 60 seconds before Darkest Hour came on. Best timing ever!

First of all, Darkest Hour fucking ruled, as always. There weren't a ton of people in the venue at the time, and there weren't a ton of pits, but there were enough that it was really fun. I like them on record, but don't absolutely love them since they bore me to an extent. However, they kill live. I was into every second of their set. Great band.

Suicide Silence were actually better this time around than when I saw them headline last summer! One of my favorite bands, no fucks given. I fucking loved that set. The only thing I would change would probably be switch out Fuck Everything with Human Violence (my second favorite song on the new album), but I wasn't complaining. They actually played more songs last night than they did headlining last summer! They did cover Engine No. 9 last time which was sweet, but I'd trade it for OCD and fuckin' Bludgeoned to Death any day. Bludgeoned was one of the first deathcore songs I ever heard; it was sweet to finally see it live. As for the crowd, I saw a couple younger scenie kids when I was entering the venue (like 14 and 15, too young to realize everyone moved over to Troo-pop-punk), but they were nowhere to be found on the floor. It was full of a ton of jacked Machine Head fans moshing the whole time. Awesome. Other than one guy who kept yelling "get off the stage", the crowd was totally into them. Machine Head fans aren't exactly what I would call "elitist" fans.

Oh, and Mitch Lucker cut his hair! It's like, my length now! Guys, if that isn't proof that scene is dead, I don't know what is. Of course, the guitarists had that long greasy metalhead hair and beards sporting Down and Suffocation shirts. They looked like a legit metal band on stage. I was so proud!

As said before, Daimonos showed up perfectly right after they left the stage, and we talked a bunch before Machine Head got on. I told him, "I went pretty hard for Suicide Silence... I might just sit back and watch until Imperium", and he was like, "Bullshit, we'll see about that..." and as soon as that first crushing riff of I Am Hell came on, he grabbed me and was like, "WE'RE FUCKING GOING", and I ended up moshing the whole time. Holy shit, I didn't become a Machine Head fan until last year, and the only album I like front to back of theirs is the Blackening, but they were just incredible live. Some of the best mosh pits I've ever been in. Rob is a sick frontman; he loved talking to us between songs and was just overly thankful at the reaction they were getting. He kept drinking these cups of Jack and Coke (I think) and throwing them out into the crowd to catch, and nobody caught one until the very end, after the last song, when this dude in the balcony caught it pefectly and drained the rest of it. It was the perfect ending to an amazing show.

P.S. Yeah... I mentioned this in the general chat, but I fucking hate that "MACHINE FUCKING HEAD, MACHINE FUCKING HEAD" chant. That was the only bad part. Really MH fans, let the entire world know you are ignorant white trash. Cool move. It was worse that everyone kept saying that outside of the venue, and when I stopped at the 7/11 down the street to grab coffee afterwards, there were a bunch of guys just jumping around screaming MACHINE FUCKING HEAD, and other obscenities having to do with "pussies" and "cunts" and I don't even know. I felt so bad for the poor old Indian woman working behind the counter. "Goddammit, I'm working at 10:00 on a Sunday night and my 3 kids at home are hungry and all I want to do is watch some TV, but I have to listen to these fools for another hour."

Anyway, other than that, perfect show! Glad I didn't have to sit through Rise To Remain, and SS got a longer set. Loved all the bands.

P.P.S. If you are the girl with the hot nose piercing and purple shirt with black hair that was right outside of the pit sitting in the chairs on the right side, and you don't want that boyfriend of yours that was hugging you the whole night, pm me plz
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