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I had a great time. Showed up just in time to miss Suicide Silence, thanks to JD's very helpful text messages. Once inside I met up with ma dawg JD and we chilled until Machine Head came on. He claimed that he didn't want to mosh too much, but as soon as the heavy part in I Am Hell kicked in I looked at him and said "Let's fucking go!", and off we went. I'm not usually a mosher, but Machine Head is one of those bands that inspires me to do such. The new songs were all great live, although I wasn't too thrilled about Darkness Within. I completely lost my shit during This is the End, those riffs are just ripping. This is a show that I have basically been waiting for since I was a freshman in high school (4-5 years), so the high schooler in me was having a blast. The stuff from The Blackening as well as Imperium all had a special effect on me, and the same goes for Old and Davidian. The set was great, but if they would have thrown in Clenching the Fists of Dissent it would have been perfect. No complaints, though, I had a fantastic time.
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