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Biohazard -- Reading, PA -- January 16th, 2012

Jan 16, 2012
Reading, PA
@ Reverb

Another great show, but disappointing crowd. The people who pitted were good, but there just weren't many people there. Probably around 200. Well, w/ Reading, PA recently being named the poorest city in the country, I can understand many people simply can't afford to go to shows. Reverb is a very nice venue. Large single story area, w/ a bar in the middle, and big screen TVs surrounding the floor on the walls. Suprising actually. I read a bunch of reviews about "oh, it's in such a scary area of town", but it really wasn't. It looked like just regular housing projects to me. Yeah, not great, but it's not like you were in Camden, NJ or anything. I do give Reading some credit, though. There were some badass looking mofo's here. Dudes you just know would have something on 'em if they knew they didn't have to go through metal detectors.

Lifeless from NJ was the first band we say. They were pretty good. I'd call them Brutal hardcore. Real heavy like Hatebreed, but with more breakdowns. I definately enjoyed them. 7/10.

Strength For A Reason was up next, and I was pretty disappointed. Everyone on the FB page for this event was ranting about these guys, talkin shit about how good they were. They weren't anything special. Generic hardcore, nothing stook out, and the vocals were buried big time. 4/10

Sworn Enemy hit the stage next. Same deal w/ the other shows, they were solid. 7/10.

Biohazard's set

1) Urban Discipline
2) What Makes Us Tick
3) Chamber Spins Three
4) Reborn
5) Come Alive
6) Black and White and Red All Over
7) Retribution
8) Down For Life
9) Howard Beach
10) Shades Of Grey
11) Love Denied
12) Vengeance Is Mine
13) Punishment
14) Hold My Own

Same set as Albany, just the order switched around a bit. Again, Biohazard was great, but the crowd not so much. I then watched some video of them playing w/ Suicidal Tendencies in Europe. Man, I am simply in AWE of how much more hardcore European fans are than us in North America. You Europeans deserve all the killer tours you get.

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