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Steelwing -- London, England -- January 20th, 2012

Venue: The Underworld, London
Support: Skull Fist, Vanderbuyst

Steelwing setlist:

2097 A.D. (intro)
Solar Wind Riders
Full Speed Ahead
The Illusion
Sentinell Hill
Tokkotai (Wind Of Fury)
They Came from the Skies
Lunacy Rising
Roadkill (…or Be Killed)

Skull Fist setlist:
Attack Attack
Like a Fox
Get Fisted
Ride the Beast
Sign of the Warrior
Commit to Rock
Head öf the Pack
Heavier Than Metal
No False Metal

Vanderbuyst setlist:
Black & Blue
Into the Fire
Traci Lords
Stealing Your Thunder
Rock Bottom

Photos & review:

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