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Originally Posted by El Gordo View Post
I don't like Burzum. I listened to Fallen and gave it a chance. While it doesn't necessarily turn my crank, saying that it sounds like someone sprayed a can of lysol into microphone reeks of ignorance. The early stuff is hard to listen to for a non-fan, as a lot of black metal from that time period is, but to say that what Varg is doing now is without merit is just plain silly. Good troll though, I guess. Obvious, but you got the desired reaction.
I wasn't just trolling. Sure there was the Sergeant D line that I quoted (or stole), but that's how I feel about Burzum's music. I haven't listened to any of his new stuff since he was released from prison, but why would I? If I wasn't a fan of his earlier stuff, why would I try out his newer stuff on the off chance that I might like it? I'd rather just stick with stuff from bands I know I like or check out bands I haven't heard before.

It probably goes without saying that i'm not a fan of Black metal at all, so i'm sure that has to do with it. Maybe the "lysol can" line is an exaggeration, but the vast majority of black metal to me just sounds really, really shitty and most of that has to do with the production style. The production doesn't need to be glossy and incredibly high end and polished for me to like it, but it needs to be at least listenable quality. if that makes me too mainstream or by-the-numbers, than so be it. And the line someone posted about not everyone having access to professional recording equipment doesn't bode well with me either. I've heard stuff recorded by high school kids on their computers that sounds better than that. It's especially not an excuse when a good portion of BM bands, if i'm not mistaken, strive for an incredibly low quality production value on purpose.
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