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16. Satyricon - Nemesis Divina
(Moonfog Productions, 1996)

On Satyricon's best work, the band balances the aggression of their older releases with catchy melodic aspects of their later stuff. While not dumbing and watering it down one bit.

Mother North

15. Nachtmystium - Instinct: Decay
(Battle Kommand Records, 2005)

Nachtmystium will never be able to top this USBM landmark in my opinion. It was were Blake fully realized his Psychedelic Black Metal vision he had been slowly working towards. Cold low-fi tremolo picked atmospheric BM pitted with gorgeous Psychedelic solos and passages.

Chosen By No One

14. Deathspell Omega - Paraceltus
(Norma Evangelium Diaboli, 2010)

Violent, dense and technical beyond belief "Paracletus" is Black Metal 2666.
Along with the blistering metal passages, the dissonant post rock guitar lines add a depth to the music you can't find anywhere else in music period.


13. Weakling - Dead As Dreams
(tUMULt, 2000)

Weakling are one of the first USBM bands, and their only release is a good one. Even with it tending to drag a little in middle, the song writing does not suffer at all. It's a huge complex listen, with dizzying guitar lines and drum fills. It's completely rewarding, with superb instrumentation and vocals nothing is left unwanted on the albums five tracks. If you like Krallice and want to hear something sort of similar check this out.

This Entire Fucking Battlefield
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