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Originally Posted by hellawaits77ny View Post
Just messin w/ ya. I remember the Natty Ice and Molson Canadian (used to be dirt cheap a few years ago) when I was in college.

My best advice for time travelling while under Steel Reserve's influence:

1) Drink in tall boy form - which you are. Must consume at least 3
2) Sprinkle in at least 3-4 shots of Wild Turkey between chugs. Not the cheapest, but it's a great tasting 101 proof bourbon that literally puts hair on your chest and back, and will get your mind ready for telaportation.

Good luck and God speed.
Damn. Would be great if it weren't for the Wild Turkey thing... I can't afford a bottle of good liquor right now, that's why I'm drinking malt

On the plus side, I have a job interview on Tuesday When I get the funds rolling again I can time travel my ass off!
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