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Originally Posted by Epidemic Reign View Post
Haha gimme a break, I'm on a budget! Malt liquor's always good for that

I haven't cracked the Steel Reserve yet, so we'll just have to see about that time-travel thing. Maybe I can teleport myself back to the store and pick up a sixer of Newcastle instead. Just hope I don't lose my buzz in transit
Just messin w/ ya. I remember the Natty Ice and Molson Canadian (used to be dirt cheap a few years ago) when I was in college.

My best advice for time travelling while under Steel Reserve's influence:

1) Drink in tall boy form - which you are. Must consume at least 3
2) Sprinkle in at least 3-4 shots of Wild Turkey between chugs. Not the cheapest, but it's a great tasting 101 proof bourbon that literally puts hair on your chest and back, and will get your mind ready for telaportation.

Good luck and God speed.

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