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Originally Posted by SomewhereInTime72 View Post
Haven't heard any of these. I'm bad at black metal.

time to add more shit to my 'eventually' list
Nice, when you can check out most of this stuff. A lot of it like Ved Buens Ende is pretty accessible for Black Metal.

17. Ludicra - Hollow Psalms
(Life Is Abuse, 2002)

Ludicra was the greatest Progressive Black Metal band next to the mighty Enslaved. They're brand of metal was nearly unmatched mixing Black Metal, Crust, and Progressive Metal. While their last album was certainly their best, their debut will always be my favorite. They never matched it's ferocity and overwhelming aggression, while still having a huge prog influcence. Every song is amazing but my favorite would be "Heaped Upon Impassive Floors". Cobbett and Cathers's lead and rhythm work is amazing, and Shannaman's vocals are demonic in nature.

Heaped Upon Impassive Floors
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