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GarageMetal468's top Death Metal albums

After months of laziness I've finally gotten around to fixing up my list of my favorite death metal albums! It's about finalized now, I might change some stuff later in the list but for now the beginning is all set.

A couple things about this list:

It's gonna be the same format as my top thrash metal albums list I made a few months back. The only difference is that this list has DOUBLE the albums that my thrash list had! There are 62 as of now, more may be added as I usually do forget albums!

Only 2 bands repeat on here. I love me some death metal and there just had to be some bands that put out 2 albums I really, REALLY love. Other than that, just one album per band on here.

I love all these albums. Just because an album is in the 50's ranking doesn't mean I think of it as "Eh, this album is okay, just enough to make my list." That's not how it works! An album is in the 50's because there happens to be albums ahead of it that I happen to like more! If I thought something was just "okay" it wouldn't have made this list.

This list covers ALL kinds of death metal, be it brutal, tech, doom, etc.

I believe that is about it. I'm gonna go through the list once more and post the first one soon!
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