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49.) Symphorce - Godspeed (2005)

One thing you won't see a whole lot of on this list is power metal. Not that I dislike it, I just haven't taken much time to explore what's out there. I blind-bought this album when I was in Best Buy one day. Not too sure why, considering the cover isn't really all that fascinating... I suppose it was because finding a metal band I hadn't heard of in BEST BUY of all places kind of blew my mind. The music here is really catchy, but also groovy and quite heavy at times. To be honest, it's really more along the lines of hard rock than power metal for the most part. Nevertheless, it's a really good album with solid songwriting and a fantastic vocal performance by Andy B. Franck.

Favorite Track: "Wounds Will Last Within"
10.01 Sonata Arctica
11.03 King Diamond
01.22 70000 Tons of Metal
01.27 Dark Tranquillity
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