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Biohazard -- New York, NY -- January 17th, 2012

January 17, 2012
@ Gramercy Theatre
New York, NY

Another great show, and this time there were more great opening bands. Gramercy theatre is pretty cool, nice small theatre. A somewhat disappointing size crowd. I figured being a hometown show this would be close to selling out. Based on the supposed 600 capacity, I'd say there were probably 300-400 people. Place had a good beer selection, too. There were some other musicians at the show. Couple guys from some NYHC bands I didn't recognize (heard them being interviewed - couldn't hear who it was), as well as Vinnie Stigma + the bass player from Agnostic Front. Got a pic w/ Vinny. He wasn't as cool as the first time I met him. He was friendly and everything, but you could tell he just wanted to chat w/ his buddy.

We got there just as Sworn Enemy was finishing. This Is Hell was next, and I liked them. Good heavy hardcore w/ some technical riffs and a good guitar player. Band played with good energy, but the crowd was fucking DEAD for them. That was diappointing to see, as these dudes are from close by in Long Island. Lead singer dressed like an emo fag, didn't like that. 7/10

Wisdom In Chains hit the stage next, and I was very impressed. Didn't hate them on CD, but didn't really like them either. They were much better live. Good energy and sound. Everything just sounded better live. Not that this matters, but there are some big dudes in this band. Seems like most metal bands for the most part consist of dudes of are 5'8 . Couldn't believe how much my dad liked these guys. He actually bought a shirt. 7/10

Biohazard's set - vids attached

1) Urban Discipline
2) What Makes Us Tick
3) Chamber Spins Three
4) Black and White and Red All Over
5) Reborn
6) Come Alive
7) Retribution
8) Down For Life
9) Love Denied
10) Howard Beach
11) Shades of Grey
12) Vengeance Is Mine
13) Punishment
14) Wrong Side of The Tracks (Hold My Own also in clip)
15) Hold My Own

Same set as the Albany and Reading shows, with the order slightly altered, and Wrong Side of The Tracks added. Upped the total time to around 68 mintues. Was a really good show, same great energy as the last 2 nights. From my spot in the seats I couldn't tell how the pit action was for the most part, but there were plenty of idiot dancers during the breakdowns. Again, would've liked to see some songs switched up, but hey, it's still a great set and was another great show. 9.5/10.

I hope you're well. Go to hell.
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