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That's odd about the shorter set, in 09 they played 19 songs usually (according to anyway). That's terrible to hear about Mark, I truly hope he pulls through. If there's a guy who seriously deserves a break from all the bullshit Riot has gone through in the past thirty years, it's him.

Sounds like you had a good time at the show though! The set is definitely solid, but I suppose I'll never hear On Wings of Eagles played live. Also very cool to hear about Rick Ventura showing up, it would have been even better with Mark there.

Originally Posted by Fates Guardian View Post
A good friend of mine drove down to VA from Baltimore to see them play at Jaxx last night. Turns out, Jaxx was remodeling and cancelled the show without telling either audience or band. So he went across the street to the Afghan kabob place... only to find Riot there eating. So he had dinner with Riot, got a setlist and some merch, and generally had a pretty damn good alternative to seeing them perform. Lucky bastard. He always falls into situations like that.
Yup, the band showed up to the venue, posted on Facebook what was up with the whole situation, told fans not to buy tickets and contact Jaxx for a refund, said that they'd be hanging out anyway, and even posted where they'd be eating dinner so fans could join them. Easily one of the coolest things I've ever heard of a band doing. I cannot hope enough that they come to California sometime (with Mark in tow of course!).

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