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Artist: Rotten Sound
Title: Cursed
Genre: Grindcore / Death Metal
Label: Relapse Records

Rotten Sound has been churning out their hybrid of grindcore and Swedish death metal for years now and they have been extremely consistent at keeping the quality to an untouchable level. Cursed continues the trend, delivering twenty-eight minutes the trademark sound that satisfies both old school death metal and grindcore fans alike. “Alone” opens the record with furious blast beats and insane riffing and then leads into the next mammoth, “Superior.” The intensity does not subside. As on past releases there are a few numbers that drop down the pace, such as “Declare,” employing a disease ridden sludgy sound. The production on Cursed is a bit thicker than on previous albums, but it maintains the Sunlight Studios style, giving it a bit of a heavier feel. Rotten Sound has excreted another repulsive slab of grinding death and it is clear they have not lost their touch after all these years.

“Plan” -
Ride the wings of death.
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