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The Dillinger Escape Plan -- Fullerton, CA -- January 19th, 2012

This was the free concert Dillinger put on at a place called Side Bar. The coolest part is that they streamed it live on the internet. Unfortunately for me it was at 10pm Pacific Time, which is 1am my time. I tried to stay up for this but alas, I am getting old and couldn't hang, particularly with work looming over me the next morning. DEP is one of my favorite bands, however, and I do hate missing a live performance by them. Anyway, got this from Solid set, but I was hoping for some more "deep cuts" and unexpected songs since this was sort of a special event.

Panasonic Youth
Room Full of Eyes
Milk Lizard
Good Neighbor
Gold Teeth on a Bum
Weekend Sex Change
Sugar Coated Sour
Endless Endings
Farewell, Mona Lisa
Chinese Whispers
Fix Your Face
Sunshine the Werewolf
43% Burnt
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