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Biohazard -- Albany, NY -- January 15th, 2012

Jan 15, 2012
@ Bogie's
Albany, NY

Great overall show. Holy shit, it was cold. 2 degrees when we parked the car. Biohazard is my favorite live band, and they never disappoint. True, it isn't the same without Evan, but Scott Roberts is a more than suitable replacement IMO. Really strange how much he sounds like Evan. Well, I suppose if you have a deep voice it isn't hard, cause all Evan did was yell By the time Biohazard came on, the place was probably close to capacity. The website lists is as 450, but there's no way it fits that. I'd say more along the lines of 250-300. Place was close to that. Suprisingly though, not a lot of pitters. Lot o' pussies in da back. I filmed from the left side of the pit, leaning against the wall. Vid isn't wonderful, but not bad at all. Made a road trip w/ my 50 year-old father , going to three Biohazard shows (I'll have reviews of the Reading + NYC shows in the coming days). Was fun, cause we never really see each other, and sad to say, I haven't spent legit time w/ him in probably 3 years, so this was overdue. Also randomly ran into my girlfriend's cousin there, which was cool.

We get there just as Dolabra started. Local hardcore band, I would say they were pretty similar to Madball. They also had a pretty good guitar player who ripped some solid solos. Overall, I enjoyed watching them. 6/10

Next up was Ematoma, another local hardcore band, more along the lines of Terror, but they fucking sucked. I was literally asking my gf's cousin if they were playing the same song over and over after the 3rd song. Their lead singer was fat mexican guy who had the typical tough guy attitude and was hammered. They actually got the power pulled on 'em, as the sound guy says "Guys, last one", and they tried to play another. I was very happy. 2/10

Next was Nephalum. All I can say is "UGH". They were terrible. At first, they seemed like a GWAR ripoff musically, then the next few songs had sections of clean singing, death metal growls, and alternative-ish riffs. Seemed like they couldn't figure out what genre of rock/metal they wanted to suck the most at. Their lead singer had one of the worst voices I've ever heard. And they were corpses on stage. They may be nice guys, but they sucked. 1/10

Main support was Sworn Enemy. They were very good. I've heard Sworn Enemy before but never saw them live. The band sounded good and had good energy. I'll definately see them again. About halfway through their set 2 bouncers drag a dude out on his stomach. No big deal, seen that plenty of times. Then about 6 dudes come out o' nowehre and start kicking the hell outta this guy. Bouncers were frantically trying to stop everything, which went on for about 5 minutes. Never seen a dude get attacked while being dragged out. They played for about 40 minutes. Don't know the set. 7/10

Biohazard's set YT clips attached

1) Urban Discipline
2) What Makes Us Tick
3) Chamber Spins Three
4) Reborn (Live Premiere)
5) Black and White and Red All Over
6) Retribution
7) Down For Life
8) Come Alive (Live Premiere)
9) Howard Beach
10) Shades Of Grey
11) Love Denied
12) Vengeance Is Mine (1st Time performed in US)
13) Punishment w/ Sal of Sworn Enemy
14) Hold My Own

A pretty standard, yet still great Biohazard set. Wouldn't have minded seeing them play longer than 63 minutes, but that's about all most bands play nowadays. Was cool to see the live premiere's of 2 songs of the new album, as well Chamber Spins Three, which is one of my all-time faves, but I've never seen live. Couple other non-staples like Black and White and Red All Over and Retribution were also cool to see. I was still a bit disappointed though, as I was in a live chat w/ Billy and Danny the night before, and they mentioned they had been working on 'Each Day'. A great tune from State Of The World Address that they've never played live. Almost positive, at least. The sound was pretty good for the venue, which usually had shitty audio. The band played w/ a ton of energy as always, and for the people that actually pitted, there was some good action. A great start to the road trip, and an absolutely awesome way to start 2012. 9/10

08/30: Bane and tour (?)
10/15: Soilwork, Decapitated (?)

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