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I seen them last night in Sauget, IL (St. Louis). It was a killer show like always. I just wish they'd drop some of the stuff they've been playing for years now. Ten Ton Hammer could be replaced with Bay of Pigs. Blood, Sweat, Tears gets the crowd going, but I'd like to see it replaced with something from Burn My Eyes. Same with Bulldozer. Throw in Nation on Fire, I'm Your God Now, or Blood For Blood. I agree with the person that said something about dropping OLD and replace it with something else from BME. The first time i seen MH back in '05 most of those were played on that tour. They don't all need to be staples... And yeah, Who We Are kinda put me to sleep last night. Throw in Pearls For Swine.

P.S., Suicide Silence were pure garbage like always. I don't know how they end up on tours with bands i like. First Megadeth, now Machine Head.. A bunch a emocore kids there.

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