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Originally Posted by bobbie solo View Post
b/c people think it's ridiculous to continue to trot out a very similar show for years & years instead of putting out an album. add in Maynard's side projects, and you have SIX years since 10,000 Days. You might nor care, but some do.

Some would rather have new material from an incredible band than a average live show (only bc of Maynard, not the rest of the band) that is way way to short for the amount of $ they charge.

to the guy who asked me about 4th Eye, yes i check that site every few days to see what the latest non-news is.
This, and all kinds of it. My wife wanted me to go see Tool with her but she's going with her best friend instead because I've already seen them tour 10,000 Days. Honestly, Tool are a good band, but they're not THAT good. I want a new album before another Tool show.
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