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I don't go to shows to hear songs I can't hear on the radio. Hell, I don't even listen to the fucking radio. Not even satellite. I collect CD's, and burn copies of what I want to listen to for my commute to and from work, and listen to shit on my laptop while at the office or on my mp3 player when in the gym. Fuck radio.

I go to shows to see / hear awesome songs be performed at maximum volume, live before my very eyes. I could give a shit less if they're on the radio or not. This notion that "if people know about it / have easy access to it, then it must not be good" is one of the stupidest things I constantly hear otherwise intelligent people saying. It's just fucking ludicrous.

Awesome is awesome. When I go to a show, I want to hear awesome. "Jambi" and "Vicarious" qualify as "awesome" for me. So do a number of other songs from every single album Tool has ever released. As long as the set list is comprised of mostly awesome shit, I'm a happy camper. It's not like I'd be totally disinterested in hearing a song performed live if it weren't in my top ten songs for that band. That's just expecting way too much - you're just bound to be disappointed if that's what you're hoping for when you buy a ticket.
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