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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
Horseshit. I'd rather see "Jambi", "Vicarious" or "The Pot" live than fucking tired old "Stinkfist" any day. Fucking hell, I'm getting sick of that song. "Aenema" and "Schism" aren't far behind, either (I mean, they're great songs, but enough already).
"Vicarious" and "The Pot" are on the radio(well used to at least), that people would be going to Tool shows just to hear those songs. I've never seen Tool so I would rather hear "Stinkfist" over any song on "10,000 days". I mean I love "Jambi" and I know every word to "Vicarious", but no way could it reach the best Tool song ever, let alone the top 5.
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