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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post

...and why are there not puddles of jizz all over the fucking floor in this thread for "Ticks and Leeches"?!? Holy fucking shit.

I thought for damn sure that one of the only truly iron-clad Tool rumors that I've ever heard was that Maynard would never sing that song live again as long as he lived because of the strain it puts on his vocal cords. I've heard that rumor a million times, and I actually believed it because it made sense. Not only that, but I had come to accept it as fact.

Then, they decide to actually play it on a tour that I most likely won't be able to attend. That fucking blows.

Seriously, if you got to see them play this song, you are one lucky mother fucker. That, and "Hooker" as well? Uh...fuckyespleeze.

I am jizzing! This is my first Tool show ever and being as they're one of my 2 favorite bands, this set is orgasmic. I mean fucking Ticks and Leeches, as a drummer I think that intro will change my life live.
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