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Originally Posted by Epidemic Reign View Post
Lateralus shall not be "benched" for any reason whatsoever. THAT IS THE LAW.

Greatest song this band ever wrote

Also, "Forty-Six & 2" is right the fuck up there as well. There will be no "benching" of either song, ever.

Originally Posted by jhdeity View Post
The Grudge is one of the most incredible live songs my ears have ever heard. Playing Intension for 7 minutes over that is also unfathomable.
Something tells me they probably didn't play the full album version. They often use it as a lead-in to "Right in Two" or something like that, and it's generally a shortened version. I definitely agree with your sentiments about "The Grudge", though. That song fucking rocks. I've not heard it played live, but I'm sure I would shit a squirrel if I did.

Originally Posted by JRA View Post
Shit has 46 & 2 even been on the setlist the past few years?
Oh shit yes, it has been. I got it twice on their last touring cycle. Fucking awesome it was, too. Both times.

Originally Posted by Polock91 View Post
I've actually never seen Tool before, so seeing 46&2 and Lateralus is going to be awesome.
Son, you have no fucking idea. I only wish I could go back and hear those two songs for the first time over again. Pure fucking awesome.

Originally Posted by Polock91 View Post
I do think Jambi could be benched for 10,000 Days, though
Now you just shut your trap. "Jambi" shall not be benched, either - or at least not for "10,000 Days".

I mean, I like "Wings" and all (both parts, actually), but "Jambi" is WAY fucking better...especially live.

Originally Posted by Polock91 View Post
Tool never play the same set twice on a tour, at least from the sets I've seen.
Not true. To be honest, variety really isn't their strong suit. That said, they do mix it up a bit from night to night, but typically only by about two or three songs on average. They are definitely are no fucking Clutch when it comes to setlists, but whatever they play generally fucking rules, so all is usually forgiven.

...and why are there not puddles of jizz all over the fucking floor in this thread for "Ticks and Leeches"?!? Holy fucking shit.

I thought for damn sure that one of the only truly iron-clad Tool rumors that I've ever heard was that Maynard would never sing that song live again as long as he lived because of the strain it puts on his vocal cords. I've heard that rumor a million times, and I actually believed it because it made sense. Not only that, but I had come to accept it as fact.

Then, they decide to actually play it on a tour that I most likely won't be able to attend. That fucking blows.

Seriously, if you got to see them play this song, you are one lucky mother fucker. That, and "Hooker" as well? Uh...fuckyespleeze.

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