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Artist: Antichrist
Title: Forbidden World
Genre: Thrash Metal
Label: High Roller Records

I admit that for the most part I am not fond of the “retro thrash” movement, so when I heard about this album I was a bit cautious, however, upon listening I was totally enthralled by the essence of the music. It was actually the complete opposite of what I expected. It’s not an attempt to modernize the ‘80s thrash sound, it is the ‘80s thrash sound done to perfection. Simply put, this is not anything like one of the terrible albums with uninspired riffs, weak vocals, and sterile production that we have been showered with in recent years. Sweden’s Antichrist combines elements of early Destruction (Sentence of Death and Infernal Overkill) and Slayer (Show No Mercy) with a renewed agility. Every song is full of punchy riffs and lethal solos. Then there are the menacing vocals, which are performed remarkably well. They sound like they came straight from the depths of hell and you’ll hear a few of those falsettos reminiscent of Tom Araya and Schmier. The production puts a nice finish on the album, giving the guitars a crunchy sound and the vocals an ominous feel. It is thrash metal executed exactly as it was meant to be, raw and unforgiving.

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