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Artist: Wormrot
Title: Noise
Genre: Grindcore
Label: Scion A/V

Wormrot is one of those bands that seems to get better with every release they divulge, commanding the attention of fans on an international scale. This past year they gained the attention of Scion A/V, who brought them out to the third annual Scion Rock Fest and later paid for all of the expenses to release this EP for free. Their sophomore record, Dirge, which also came out in 2011, was an immense album, however this five minute experience of blasting insanity has managed to be stronger yet. In terms of length this does not compare to the full length, but all of the songs here completely rip like never before. After the feedback intro for “Loathsome Delusions” they put it into fifth gear with an eardrum shattering power. The frantic drumming, sporadic riffs, and macabre growls and screams all mesh together for total chaos. Plowing onward at breakneck speed, Wormrot has once again impressed the grindcore scene with another fantastic release. This is easily the best abomination that the Singaporean trio has spewed forth thus far.

“Outburst of Annoyance” -
Ride the wings of death.
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