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Well, it's good to know that the retardedly short and Mental Funeral-less SBTW set was a fluke. Every other show they've played since reuniting seems to have a long and badass set. I'd like more than 4 tracks off MF but I would be more than ecstatic to see this. I get that they like to bust out new material but there is soooo much good old Autopsy it still seems like a shame to drop all Shitfun songs and only play one off Acts, but again, it's Autopsy, so who cares.
If I had had money I was thinking about going down with my friend because she was driving from SF but I wouldn't have even had enough to get it, let alone hotel and all that, and I am gonna save my Rites airfare for Chaos in Tejas I think.
Sounds like an unforgettable experience for sure!
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