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Originally Posted by Natrlhi View Post
@ Tregs: So basically, you and I agree, except for:
  • You would include Suffocation, and I didn't mention them only because I've never really listened to them much,
  • You would omit Cannibal Corpse, and I can't claim to be their biggest fan either, but I'm aware of the imprint they've made on the genre, so I included them, and finally...
  • You would include Pestilence. You're damn right they're awesome, but as has been said they're from Holland. But fuck yes Pestilence.
Yeah, I've never really been that into Cannibal Corpse. I get their appeal and that they've had a huge impact on death metal, but I just don't listen to them often.

And again, if it weren't for the "American" part... Bolt Thrower would have to be in there too!
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