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AFC- as much as I hate the Pats, I see no way the Ravens win considering the way they played against the Texans; they were very lucky to come out winners, and it helped Houston give them turnovers to turn into 17 points. The Pats played a complete game vs. the Broncos and they also got that monkey off their back of not winning a playoff game since the 2007 AFC Championship.Unless the Ravens do an about face on their play I see no way they win

Patriots 34, Ravens 17

NFC- As I posted the 49ers game was one of the greatest sporting events I have ever watched on TV (the first was 1998 when my Broncos won Super Bowl XXXII) The 49ers have to be pumped up after the win over the saints and as a bonus they get to host the NFC Championship. That will be in their favor. But as we saw the Giants are no pushovers and Manning is showing his elite status. However the 49er's defense is in a class above the Packers and will slow down the Giants attack. With that I think the 49ers will have enough to pull off the win

49ers 24, Giants 20

I will say I am rooting for an Ravens-49ers Super Bowl, AKA the Bro Bowl. Can you image how their family would feel if both of them faced each other in the Super Bowl? The Thanksgiving game was hard enough for the parents
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