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In Flames -- Philadelphia, PA -- January 15th, 2012

Sounds of a Playground Fading
Deliver Us
All for Me
The Hive
The Quiet Place
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Fear is the Weakness
Come Clarity
Cloud Connected
The Mirror's Truth
Take This Life

Since this was pretty much like the earlier sets on here I wasn't going to bother posting, but holy shit. Let me start by saying I've gone to the last 4 In Flames US tours, and I was at the show the other night in Baltimore as well, and this was a terrible performance. Saturday Anders mentioned he was sick and you could tell in a few spots of the performance, but it was a whole different game tonight.

I would say up through Swim his voice was holding up somewhat, screaming at least, but after that it was over. For the rest of the night you could not even hear half the lyrics, and the chorus' were just basically nothing followed by a scream at the end. It actually would have sounded better if he just stopped trying because it seemed at that point it was just getting in the way of the rest of the music.

At least Anders seemed to know how bad he was as he kept talking about how hes trying his best, and at some points he just threw his mic down, but my god...I really wish they just saved me the time and money that I spent by cancelling the show or letting trivium play more.
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