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45.) Sepultura- Chaos A.D.

Sepultura lost me after this album. No, not just because Max Cavalera left after Roots. But because the music to me, got stale after this album. But Chaos A.D. ...........DAMN! This is GROOVE Metal. It covers so many territories (no pun intended) on this album from Thrash and almost Death Metal, to the Groove Metal that makes it so catchy. Igor Cavalera is absolutely phenomenal on this album and I will say his best work. It's what inspired me to be more free flowing with my own drumming. and the production on this album was stellar for a 1993 Metal album. Everything before Chaos A.D. is some of the finest Thrash/Death Metal out there, but this Chaos A.D. was the perfect transition album, although their transition went wrong....oh so wrong. This is my favorite of the Sepultura discography. Just give a listen to understand why.

Favorite Song: Territory
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