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I ended up getting to the show around 10 pm and got there just in time to see the last two bands play their full sets. Incantation and Autopsy were bone crushingly evil and heavy to watch. I personally liked Incantations performance a tiny bit more but that is just me, and that still saying alot because Autopsy were fucking incredible, especially when they busted out their "slower" songs(if you even wanna call them that ahahhaha) and good god oh mighty I was banging my head to the fucking ground when they exploded into the "Mental Funeral" tunes. The thing that stood out to me more the most out of everything about Autopys performance was The vocals being spewed out by Chris Reifert. Holy fucking shit does that man bust out some eerie evil fucking vocals, Christ all mighty. Chris has to be seen to be heard, I was getting the chills just hearing him scream and tear the stage up with his Evilness! Highlight was when the band first got onstage. Jesus christ that pit JUST EXPLODED into all out assault and mayhem, and next thing i know I see like 3-4 security rushing in with there little mini flash lights and kicking people(cause too many fucking fights were breaking out left to right, i witnessed a couple right by me). I never seen security this tight at the echoplex. Good stuff...anyways, Met up with Christopher after show and almost ran off with his vinyl Record that he had purchased at the show, my bad Chris!! ahahha, anyways sucks we didnt meet treghet, hopefully sooner than later my friend. Great show and good way to start off 2012. Incantation and Autopsy were nothing short of amazing and Jaw dropping and those who are going to MDF gotta witness those evil ass vocals by fucking Chris.

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